Freight-service market:

The company’s customers are large companies that regularly carry large amounts of cargo, as well as small and medium-sized companies who need to carry small amounts of goods. We guarantee quality service to any customer – this has been proven during the many years of the company’s operation and supported by the customer-feedback. Work experience and highly qualified personnel, cooperation with leading freight forwarders and carriers in Europe, CIS and Baltic countries, positions our company as a reliable, competent and punctual partner.

Line of work and experience


​Over 15 years of experience

The “Asmens& Ko” transport company has been working in the international freight market for more than fifteen years. The company’s main line of work is the international carriage of goods by road in Europe and CIS countries.

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Experienced Drivers

The majority of the company’s employees and drivers have more than 10 years of experience in the international transportation sector.​


Product tracking

All our vehicles are equipped with mobile communications. At any time, our customers may receive information on the location of the cargo.​


Own parking lot and garages in Jelgava

The Company has its own parking lot and garages located in Jelgava. The current areas, storage facilities, processing equipment and qualified personnel enables us to carry the maintenance and overhaul works on our trucks and trailers.

In summary

  1. Over 15 years of experience
    Our specialists provide free consultations to clients on all aspects of the organization of freight, all the necessary information on possible routes and the peculiarities of international road freight transport.
  2. Our characterization
    «Asmens & Ko” Ltd. – stands for many years of experience, a high level of professionalism, full responsibility for the tasks assigned and quality of service! We know our work well and we are proud of how we achieve our clients’ objectives. We thank our growing range of customers for the Company’s development, and we see a long-term partner in each of them.

Freighting prices depend on many factors: the distance of delivery, type of vehicle, the cargo's total weight. We provide transportation services to many European countries with tented semi-trailers and refrigeration units.

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