“Asmens & Ko ” was founded in April 1997 and offers freighting and logistics services in the Baltic States, Europe and CIS countries. We have modern cars with full technical equipment (EURO 5 standard) with TIR carnets and CEMT permits.

CEMT and TIR explanation:



CEMT permit (CEMT – Conférence Européenne des Ministre des Transport) allows companies to perform the transportation of goods between OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries, which also includes many Eastern and South-eastern European countries.



TIR carnets allow the use of international customs transit systems that provide the maximum ability of moving goods in vehicles with sealed containers from one country’s customs facility to a customs facility at the destination in another country without the need for extensive and time-consuming border controls at intermediate borders, thus maintaining a cost-effective transportation price.

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