CIS countries:

“Asmens & Ko ” was founded in April 1997 and offers freighting and logistics services in the Baltic States, Europe and CIS countries. We have modern cars with full technical equipment (EURO 5 standard) with TIR carnets and CEMT permits.

Benefits of working with “Asmens & KO”:

  1. Delivery of goods to CIS countries
    Our company successfully delivers all international cargo to CIS countries, besides providing all necessary services for road freight transport within CIS countries
  2. Pricing policy
    On our website you will be able to place your freighting order, to receive consultations regarding the traffic requirements in CIS countries, as well as to agree on the specific loading and delivery times. We are confident that you will enjoy our pricing policy, and will be pleased with our transportation tariffs.
  3. CEMT permits
    The company’s trucks used for freight transport are in perfect technical condition, they have TIR carnets and CEMT permits.
  4. We choose the safest and quickest routes
    Freight transportations in the CIS performed by our company are always completed with the shortest and safest routes, in order to ensure the timely delivery of cargo to its destination. Our company also carries cargo from CIS countries, and offers customers additional cargo insurance, thus compensating for losses in the event of an accident.
  5. Becoming a customer
    When you become our client and entrust us with your freight transport, you can be sure that the delivery process is the hands of professionals, and that regardless of external circumstances, the “Asmens & Ko” team will take all necessary measures to guarantee the safety of your goods and to meet the delivery deadlines!

Freighting prices depend on many factors: the distance of delivery, type of vehicle, the cargo's total weight. We provide transportation services to many European countries with tented semi-trailers and refrigeration units.

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